Wednesday 9 April 2014

Top 5 mistakes website makers must avoid

Website being an important online presence needs interaction, customer engagement and perfection. It is a great tool for marketing and promotional activities. It engages your target audience, increases market share by increasing the number of prospective buyers. It is important that your business, through your website ensures guarantee of quality and customer satisfaction with your brand.

Any mistake or error in the design, layout, structure or content from website maker can easily make you lose thousands of dollars, potential revenue and potential buyers. That is why business focus on an elegant and appropriate website for revenue generation. Polish your outcome by avoiding following common mistakes commonly made:

          Rushing to the Designing Step

Firstly, the experts question the business about the business concept, brand theme, market, competition, and target audience. The evaluation and study take time and demand considerable amount of time for thorough research. Not doing so, will fail you to develop an understanding of your target audience followed by failure of communicating business message and capture target audience.

        Inappropriate Designing

Too-much or too-less both ruin the design. Market your website, your business, your brand; not some flashy design. Good design is appealing to bring potential buyers to the website, engaging and user-friendly to guide them correctly and answer their queries. Build such designs which are applicable on wireless devices as well and make customers feel comfortable.

       Vague clarity

Your customer is visiting your website. What’s next? You want them to buy your brand, or contact you or subscribe to the newsletter. Do you have a properly-guided layout that the customer is not confused and clearly know what to do? Tell your customers what’s in there for them in your business interface. Avoid vague clarity and set clear call to action, guide them for every next step.

       Out of sight, out of mind

When your website is updated and current you are everywhere on internet with your website, promotions and advertisements. When you are stale, out-dated you are out of your target customers’ mind. Customers want to have latest information about your brand. When you fail to give them the latest updates, they might assume you are no longer operating. Stay updated with social networks and blog.

        Do It Yourself

It is a mistake from a professional website maker’s end if he assumes or thinks to take a DIY route. The website is the first hand-on experience of the customer with the brand. Justify it. Create a positive first impression. Design well, interact and engage the customers to keep customer satisfaction high.

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