Monday 19 May 2014

Dare to take corporate risk with free website builder

If everything is free, then why would have companies spend millions and billions of dollars for their business identity and strong business representation? If every free thing has the quality, why there are any professional designers and developers? Have you ever wondered and pondered your thoughts why free stud is always attractive than the specialized, quality one?

Have you even given one second thought to get your corporate website developed from a free website builder? If no, then you are here to stand for long. If yes, then let me help you with a ‘free advice’. Yes, you can get recommendations without any cost. So, read this article and take my advice, not to go for any free thing where your corporate identity is concerned. Let me explain why this is so.


Suppose you get a free website, now from the start till the site is working, you face unlimited limitations. It is a template to start with, which you turn into a bit of customization to give it your touch. If you want to upgrade your account, then the software asks for more payment per page. So you end up paying more for more changes and flexibility. Where’s the ‘no-cost’ stuff gone? Also, with this software builder, you pay for hosting services. This is not provided by the software. You are restricted to add interactive features in your site such as games, online shopping cart, chat room, etc. to engage your audience with your site.

Poor Appearance

What is a failure than to have a website representing your business, which fails to attract the customers’ attention? The software based sites doesn't count in the search engines rankings at all. They fail to come on the top, and that’s why they fail to bring in traffic, conversion rate and sales. This makes the business lose credibility and failure in building trust and worth of the business.

Free Advertising

The only thing that is free from free website builder. The pop-up advertisements are everywhere on your site. From your home page to contact us page, everywhere! This is nothing but an annoyance for the visitors, who either end up closing the advertisements again and again, or simply leave the site.

No Domain for You

The worst is yet to come. Yes, you read it right. There is no customized domain name for your business, allotted by the software. You are given a name, with lots of hyphens, long enough for the customers to remember or recall it. You even do not get a customized email address for further correspondence with your customers.

So, you read the article. What you think of it? There is no good in going for software-based templates. Hire a professional web designer and developer from Logo Design Best for your own good and your business good as well. Get connected with your customers with customized, unique and creative site! 

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