Saturday 31 January 2015

Great Designers Design Logos That Are Great – Six Successful Logo Redesigns of 2014

If you get a great design, logo for your brand it’s not the end. The good branding strategy is to keep changing and add new design logo concepts in your logo.

Here’s a list of six major logo redesigns that took place in 2014 

Pizza Hut

Pizza hut revamped its menu this year and for the very same reason they wanted an updated logo to support this change. To capture a slight yet focused attention of users, and to communicate its new menu in style Pizza Hut de-cluttered and introduced a smooth design logo that used a blank pizza pie in sauce, while this is definitely a radical change, the fresh design logo concept was taken in by the clients and the restaurant did not lose its iconic slanted roof symbol in their new logo.


It’s not easy to look at the newly design logo of Hershey because a significant heritage associated with its brand signature. That being said from a proper design point of view, the new logo is far superior; it is neater, easy to read across a variety of devices. The new design logo concept has dropped the letter‘s’ but people obviously know the brand with the s – Hershey’s even though the design is now new.


MLS had to move ahead creatively with its brandings to maintain the momentum of the global tournament. MLS introduced a crest as the face of the league, MLS is not only signifying that it's prepared for a fresh new era of American soccer, but it is also paying respect and homage to the historical equity of the sport's European roots. With this logo redesign, it took an intricate illustration and enhanced the visual integrity to the organization. Moreover, the crest will do well across a range of environments, from flags at matches to mobile devises and applications.


Foursquare completely changed its branding strategy this year with the new design logo, as of now Foursquare has tapped its trademarked feature of check-in to other apps, the company is all ears on serving customized local reviews and suggestions. The new design logo shifted from the previous rounded, multicolored and playful typeface into a clear and commanding word mark.


the new design logo concept of southwest with a word mark treatment is a nice evolution as far as the typography is concerned, with the new logo the brand is undoubtedly trying to indicate that the customers stays first. Southwest carved out its niche previously by putting price first, the updated logo projects a new concept of customers first.


Reebok's new design logo offers a minor, yet current or contemporary, clean-up of the typographic treatment of its brand name. While the font evolution is positive, the symbol within the new logo is challenging. A new color has been added in the redesign along with a new triangle, this new logo will go well across a variety of devices.

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