Wednesday 25 February 2015

Could You Just Hire Any Website Maker For Your Business Website?

The answer to that question is a no for sure, you can’t just hire website maker for your business website. You need to go through the websites they've built. Check if they are well known, check for all the features used and then make a selection.

There are thousands and hundreds of website maker tools on the internet, but if you’re not a technical person you can’t use them plus they will project their domain name with yours and this won’t leave a good impression on your clients.

It’s best to invest a little money and hire a professional website maker company that has the expertise and skills to develop unique, neat and sophisticated websites. Your website must have all these characteristics to become a success:

Good use of color: hire a website maker who has the expertise and skills to use an appropriate color scheme, what makes a color scheme appropriate? 2 or 3 primary colors that blend well and create a proper character or mood for your business. Don’t hire any company or any website maker who doesn't understand the importance of color schemes, also don’t try to add too many colors on your website template, because this can distract the users from the text, and they might just close the window, use colors that go well with the text.

Text that can be read easily:  you need to work with a website maker who knows the importance of a template that is reader friendly, the most workable combination is black text over a white background, but good website maker also use other color schemes making your website more visually attractive and compelling at the same time, use fonts that are easy on the eyes generally text size between 10 and 12 pts works well on almost all web templates.

Significant graphics: Graphics are very important for any website to do well with its users, hire a website maker who also has a graphic design background, your graphics tend to lend visual variety and appeal to an otherwise boring page of text. But like colors, be appropriate, don’t overdo or over use graphics, a variety of bling bling on a website is not always going to do well also don’t add too many images on your page, if you do make sure that they load on time.

Quality photographs: Use nothing but quality photographs, using high quality photographs is what makes your website visually appealing to the viewers, work with a website maker company that has a proper graphic design department so that they can design all kinds of quality images for your business website. 

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