Tuesday, 30 June 2015

A Custom Logo Design Gives Your Business A Distinctive Identity In The Market

For any company or startup-business, logo is the basic representation or identity. From this small symbolic identity customers recognize and remember your brand in the market. That small but powerful graphical identity is used in different places like visiting cards, brochures, company leaflets, company’s products and other marketing collateral. Logo Design Best offers you custom logo design services that give you distinctive business identity in the market.

The customized brand symbol gives you:

Strong and unique identity in the industry
Make your product memorable to the customer
Boosts the marketing collateral
Make you distinctive in the market
Sticks to the customers’ mindsets
Hooks the potential customer with your brand
saves your investment
a lasting and timeless brand recognition

Logo design services are many in the market but customized logo design services still stands out among all. How custom brand services provide your business a powerful identity? It is solely through Logo Design Best that you simply get a singular, distinctive, promising, positive, credible and eye-catchy brand style within budget-friendly package and amazing discount. Their team of professionals, talented and highly creative graphic designers gives you unique customized identity according to your demand.

Customized brand symbol give your business unique and distinctive identity that attract customers towards your product. It boosts the marketing and promotion of your product or service. It plays a major role in the promotion of the business strengthening and increasing the entire quality within the industry. Your key to business success lies within the distinctiveness and originality of your brand style for positive and increased business illustration, competitive edge and lasting whole identity.

It is only due to the professional services and a customized concept that you achieve a unique business identity, a competitive edge in the market, a long-lasting and a timeless brand symbol and a powerful marketing tool to create a positive impression in the market.

Logo Design Best in houses a team of professionals, talented and creative attracts your targeted audience, gives your business strong identity and creates amazing impact on your customers as well. Grab your order for custom logo design today for powerful and effective customer engagement and retention. Call us NOW at our toll-free number 0800-011-2191 Visit our website for more details and information and feel free to ask us anything.

Monday, 8 June 2015

Why a Free Logo Generator is a Bad Idea?

So, you want to create a logo for your company and, since you are just starting out and do not want to spend too much, you think that it is a good idea to use a free logo generator. Think again! Below we have listed down reasons why you should ask professional designers to create an icon for your company.

Logo equals identity

Your company’s logo is often the first thing that a potential client sees. Often, it can make or break your business because how that client perceives your brand is decided by your business emblem. This symbol represents your business on your product, website, and all other marketing materials. You do not want to leave such a huge responsibility of creating a logo to a website or computer software.

Brand Story

The creation of a symbol requires much thinking, sketching, and researching. A professional designer is going to listen to your requirements, present several designs to you and ask you to give feedback. Do you think that a website or computer software can do all that? Can you tell an automatic generator what is the story behind your brand and ask it to create a logo keeping the story in mind. For example, look up Unilever’s logo. You will find that their symbol ‘U’ has tiny drawings on it and each one is different and each represents one of their products. Can you seriously say that free software can do that for you?


The only thing in favor of using a website that helps you create a logo on your own is that it is cheap and less time-consuming. But do you really want to save money at the expense of individuality and uniqueness? The one major problem with such software is that anyone can use the same design that you’ve chosen! And there go your chances of creating a separate brand identity and your efforts to stand out from the crowd. The generic icons used by such websites will not give your brand the originality and uniqueness that you want.

Look up any successful business and read up on how it created its logo. You will find that none of them used a free logo generator. This should be enough for you to realize whether you want to do a disservice to your brand from the beginning by choosing software over a professional who can create a unique and innovative emblem that suits your business. Choose professional designing services of Logo Design Best for a corporate identity within your budget.