Wednesday 20 August 2014

The Successive Elements Of Good Logo Design

Company needs logo that works for it, promotes the brand and competitively market the product or service among the rivals. For the logo to work just perfectly for the company and optimize company’s productivity, company needs to add in right elements in the designing process. Before you know the right elements for your brand identity, you need to know the good characteristic your logo design must have.  

1. Memorability

Logo must stick to the minds of customers. Make sure whoever views your logo remembers it straightaway and easily recalls it. It should also arouse interest in the customers so that it attracts and appeals them.  

2. Simplicity

The logo is effective when it is easy to understand with its simple graphics, symbolism, colors and fonts. The simpler logos tend to have lasting recalling power and more power to stick.  

3. Timeless

An effective logo is durable, long-lasting and timeless. It remains relevant to the business theme, irrespective of changing trends and marketing environment. 

4.  Versatility

The versatility calls for logo’s flexibility in any form of medium: print, online or offline. The versatility allows the company to change and alter the design in any shape or size for easy recognition and customer attraction.  

5.   Appropriateness

A logo is good when it relates to both the business theme and the target audience.
With these five factors, you know what logo you want for your company. Now, have a look at few successive elements you need in your logo design.  

a.  Words

The one to present your brand logo is through words like slogan or a tagline which boosts the logo and is equally important as the design is. For example, the words of Nike’s logo ‘Just Do It’.  Technically, typography is the term. The words must represent the business theme and must work to attract the customers and appeal the public in general. The choice of words is important to interpret the business concept in the message. 

b.   Symbols

Logos are also form of symbols which works as a reminder for the business and represent the business concept. For example, the flowing lines and font of Coca Cola logo interprets bubbling, saving the need to add soda glass in the logo. 

c.   Shapes

Shapes are another form of communicating business concept to the target audience. Right shapes portray the business message delivering it in order, spirit, or theme of business operations.  

d.   Colors

Another successive element, if put it right, colors rightfully represent the business concept and make the company stand out in the market.  

e.  Typeface

If your business logo is purely typographic, then typeface choice is very important. It influences the customers’ emotions.

Keeping the designing factors in mind, the company can use the successive elements to design the right brand logo for business representation. 

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