Wednesday 1 April 2015

Go Pro With Your Logo Maker Skills

If you are a logo maker out of habit, passion or career you need continuous improvement and learning with working skills and creativity in your schedule and routine. This way you add competitive edge to your work and improve your skills as you learn. It is important for you to excel and grow in your field within this competition. Following pro tips will help your excel and boost your logo maker skills.

1.       Keep learning

Regardless of the experience you are piling up in your career or the clients you have catered successfully in all those years, you need to learn to grow. Continuous learning ensures your improvement and enhanced ability. Learning also comes from client feedback's where you accept the positive feedback whole heartedly and do not take the negative feedback personally. Learning polishes your skills and makes you pro from an amateur. With the continuous evolvement in the designing industry, learning always makes you achieve something new.

2.       Know your clients

It won’t work unless and until you coordinate and communicate with your clients. You need to understand what your client needs. It is important that you know what your client requirements are. You need to reflect the client business and logo requirements in the brand symbol you create for them.  With effective communication with your client, you have the edge to reflect the client requirements in the word mark or symbol. 

3.      Dealing the clients

Always treat your clients in a welcoming, professional and friendly way. Convince your client with your design if it’s unique, out-of-the-box and creative. Make sure that the client understands what you are trying to say through your design and how it fulfills the client requirements too. Keep the communication with the clients timely and updated. 

4.       Presentation matters

You need to present your designed logo to the clients with style. Poor presentation doesn't work on the client even if your logo is excellent. Present your logo to the client in calm and peaceful atmosphere. Create a formal environment which works wonders for your logo and impresses the client straightaway. Presentation quality gives your logo a positive impression, satisfying the client simultaneously.

5.       Personal portfolio

Every logo maker needs to update personal portfolio so that the client knows what the ability capability and of the designer is. Portfolio gives you market credibility. The right essence in the logo reflects simplicity, uniqueness and distinctiveness for the client. 


  1. Much useful information. I were looking for such information to share with my juniors who are new to designing.

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