Thursday 13 August 2015

How has Facebook changed its logo design?

The giant of social media platform, facebook, had the same design since its 
foundation. But, the company decided to redesign its logo and made a slight change in its word mark i.e. it has changed the letter ‘a’. However, most of us have not yet noticed the change even though we are visiting the site more often.

How the brand identity looks now?

There is no huge change in the design except the font ‘a’. This new logo design often called as word mark type. Moreover, the size of the brand identity is decreased because to make the brand symbol look slimmer and smaller for its effective use in smart phones.

How users reacted to the change?

The active users of facebook haven’t reacted to the minor changes in the brand symbol because they haven’t found any difference in the symbol and they feel that the impact of the brand symbol is the same as it had earlier. So, this shows that change was pointless.

What was the reason to change the brand symbol?

Today, we hear most of the marketing buzzwords such as customer-oriented, user-friendly and so on. But, facebook describes that it had redesigned its brand symbol in order to look friendlier and approachable. Through this, we can also say that it is just a marketing strategy of facebook to keep itself updated. 

Facebook communicates the message to each business

Whether you are a small-sized or large company, logo design of a company plays a vital role in promoting your business. A brand symbol act as a living entity that responds to each and every aspect of the business your organization is dealing with. It is also noticed that if you completely redesign your brand symbol then it leads to suffer your business from an identity crisis. So, it is important to keep up the consistency in the brand symbol because it helps your customer to easily get familiarize with your brand symbol and your business.

As we know that, facebook in spite of being so popular has only made some minor changes and that too in the typography. From this, it clearly communicates that in the quest of matching with the recent trends; don’t lose your business identity.

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